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Blue Ox Safety Cable Kit


7500 LB Safety Cables

Length: 7 ft

Rating: 7,500 lbs

Hook: S-Hook


  • Protects from accidental disconnection
  • Plastic coated for easy handling
  • Made from aircraft-grade cable
  • Features heavy-gauge steel connectors
  • Controls the vehicle in case of a hook-up failure



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Aircraft grade braided safety cables coil into shape for easy storage. Plastic-coated for mar resistance. Heavy-gauge steel connectors. 2 per pack.

Safety cables, chains, or equivalent devices are specifically required by state and federal law when towing a vehicle using a tow bar. The principal function of the safety cables is to prevent the towed vehicle from breaking loose in the event the tow bar fails or becomes disconnected. The cables must be connected vehicle to vehicle (DO NOT hook vehicle to tow bar). The two separate cables must be set in a crossing pattern so that, if the tow bar fails or becomes disconnected, the tow bar will not drop to the ground. The illustrations show the arrangement recommended by Blue Ox® to comply with the law. Each safety cable must have an adequate weight rating for the towing system. The weight rating of the two cables together will not qualify. In order to eliminate wrapping you may take the cables from underneath the receiver and pull directly up (do NOT uncross the safety cables) looping them into the storage pin slot. This will also prevent damage to the cables in the instance of bottoming out while going over a dip or driveway.


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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 7 x 7 in

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